Have you ever heard, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience?” What does it truly mean and how do we fully realize and live this insight? My work as a psychotherapist has demonstrated countless times the reality of our true spiritual essence. It’s a reality that has revealed a deeper understanding of the divine self within, or Soul. This self transcends religion, dogma, or doctrine.

I’ve learned to appreciate and respect the atheist, the agnostic, the materialist, the person of faith, and those who have lost faith. Soul’s timeline extends beyond categories of belief and beyond time itself. My commitment is to serve others in the experience of constructive transformation or to just hold the space and BE a witness. We can learn to give and receive love and grow from each experience and encounter. This love is not necessarily a warm outpouring of emotion, but the willingness to have compassion, respect, and appreciation for all.

Observing the working of karma in relationships over the many years of my practice has shown that opinions act mainly as guideposts for our own life path. They are not ultimate truths, merely your truth. To grasp our opinions and attach them to others is the work of the ego, not Soul. There we stand in our own shadow.

Attachment to opinions applied to others leads to conflict, challenge, strife, and stress. Giving others the freedom and acceptance to choose their way is an expression of love from the heart.

Since we are all one as spiritual beings we merely give love and acceptance to ourselves by offering it to others. We receive from life only what we are willing to give. This is the Way of Karma. Having compassion without conditions or judgment is the Way of Soul.

 A lifetime is just another day on Soul’s journey home.