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Listen Now: Success Magazine Interview

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Karma in your Relationships

Everywhere we turn, they’re in our faces. So why do we so frequently find ourselves in relationship hell?

The answer to that question and all the relationship mysteries and puzzles you’ve ever encountered is contained in one, five-letter word: karma. Karmic relationships are woven from the threads of past-life experiences with Souls that you encountered long ago and who again are players on your stage. In order to live with these people fully in the present and to eliminate those shadows that poison your relationships, you must resolve past traumas, dissolve the fears, and heal those invisible wounds. By using the tools offered by Dr. Richards to identify and explore the levels of karmic relationships, you’ll take the first step toward becoming and remaining conscious of the influences that are building or destroying your friendships, marriage, business partnerships, or family situations.

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Success Magazine March 2013 Issue

“Learning to manage money responsibly and serve others is like being able to use electric current in a productive manner. We can become powerful transformers for the currency of society. How we use that power is a great responsibility.”

—from The Psychology of Wealth: Understand Your Relationship with Money and Achieve Prosperity, by Dr. Charles Richards

SUCCESS Magazine publisher Darren Hardy interviewed Dr. Charles Richards for the March 2013 Issue of the magazine. The featured topic of the March issue is “Money” and the interview was based on Dr. Richards’ multiple bestseller, The Psychology of Wealth. During the interview Dr. Richards explores the inner game of wealth and what wealth beyond financial security truly means.

For more information go to www.success.com

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The Psychology of Weatlh

Why do some people feel a perpetual state of lack and fear about money, while other people feel genuinely prosperous, regardless of the size of their bank accounts? Why do some shudder with dread when it comes to setting financial goals, while others embrace it with enthusiasm and confidence?

What makes the difference? Could it be in their relationship with money itself?

The people who enjoy a healthy relationship with money share common habits and traits. So, how do they think, and what do they do differently? Are these behaviors hardwired in an individual’s psyche, or can they be learned?

In this provocative book, psychotherapist Dr. Charles Richards provides unexpected and encouraging answers to these questions. Based on his research and expert interviews, Dr. Richards shows how each of us can develop a thriving relationship with money and create a rich and rewarding life.

At the book’s heart are the stories of people who have faced adversity with courage and created extraordinary lives. Their accounts—along with Dr. Richards’ interviews with finance professors, legislators, entrepreneurs, and mavens of success—pave a path to a brighter future for us all.

Today we live in a trying economic environment. Every day, popular financial advisors exhort us to hunker down, play it safe, and protect ourselves from an uncertain future. To the voices who promote fear and doubt, Dr. Richards answers with balance, wisdom, and optimism.

The Psychology of Wealth is for anyone […]

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Soul Journey Therapy

Soul Journey therapy is systematic and allows clients to recall and heal the invisible emotional wounds of the present and past-lives, prenatal, and the birth experience.

The unique, therapeutic feature of Soul Journeys is that once a core or key past-life or lives relating to a karmic pattern have been re-experienced and discharged, symptoms fall away and behavior changes almost instantaneously. Nonessential karmic residue has been removed, much like getting rid of unwanted baggage you’ve been carrying around your whole life. When your burdens are gone, suddenly you experience a freedom of mobility and expression that you accept as only natural. This happens without the typically long periods of therapy, analysis, or interpretation found in traditional psychotherapy.

Soul Journeys can also allow clients to explore the in-between-life realm experienced after death or before birth. Such experiences can lead to great insight and enlightenment into who we are, what we are here to do, and where we are going. Here one can establish a more direct contact and exchange with spiritual guides and teachers. One can also awaken lost or blocked talents and skills from past-lives.

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