Latest Projects and Works

Karmic RelationshipsThis is the first book to show how to heal persistent relationship issues by using Soul Journeys: a well-documented, non-hypnotic, therapeutic process for accessing the Soul’s wisdom. This book contains a questionnaire to help readers identify their Karmic Relationships, gauge their level of intensity, and transform damaging situations by revealing unconscious triggers and patterns. Karmic Relationships offers a blend of spirituality, psychology, and self-help from the unique perspective of Dr. Charles Richards. He presents vivid accounts from thousands of case studies, as well as his own remarkable experiences.

POW-bookAs an executive coach and trainer, I have worked with many well-to-do clients, some of whom simply are not comfortable in their financial skin. Their relationship with money is fraught with the fear that their riches may disappear or that they will be exposed as impostors. Before I worked with these people, I had assumed that it was perfectly natural for people with meager financial resources to worry about money. But why were these well-off individuals not feeling the psychological benefits of their enviable position? And what about my associates and friends with very modest means who were confident, happy, and secure about their finances? These fortunate souls seemed to share a sense of comfort and control in their relationships with money. In short, they led rich and rewarding lives without having many “riches” in the conventional sense.